A Lot of People Seem to Want President Pence

So as we continue on towards the end of the President Trump’s first 100 days, people are still trying to get him removed from office.

I don’t post here a lot, but I do read a lot of news stories. More importantly, I read a lot of internet comments. For whatever reason, people on the left seem to think that Trump being removed from office would result in a Hillary Clinton presidency. NEWS FLASH: that’s not how it works. Mike Pence would be President. And considering he’s more “conservative” than Trump, the left clearly hasn’t thought their little plan through.

She’s sad, because she knows she’ll never be President.

You’d think people would be more concerned about things like, say, terrorism. France is a dangerous place these days, after all, and the country is part of the “western world”.


But no, instead, people are creating online petitions to get the President booted from the White House.

The gist of the petition is that Trump is mentally unfit to be President, so he needs to be removed (and again, that would make Mike Pence President).

Why is he allegedly mentally ill and unable to discharge his duties? Incidents like the “pussy grabbing” comment from over a decade ago, the “impulsive bombing” of the Syrian airbase, and “unfounded” claims that he was wiretapped at Trump Tower while running for President.

Let’s examine these “incidents”, shall we? First, take a look at the picture (or, well, pictures) used on one article about the petition.

Apparently you have to be photogenic to be President!

Okay, so those are not great pictures of our President. Who hasn’t had a bad photograph taken of them at one point through their lives? People snap pictures of the guy everywhere he goes, and have pretty much done so for the past 3 decades. There are bad pics of him out there? Shocking.

The “pussy grabbing” comment from over a decade ago? WHO THE HECK CARES? Being a straight male, Donald Trump likes attractive women. I’d bet that at least 50 percent of straight dudes out there have made worse comments. I’d bet 50 percent of women have, too. We’re sexual beings.

I’ve said worse things about her in the PAST WEEK.
Her too.

As for the bombing of the airbase, all of these “mental health experts” are not (as far as I know) privy to the sort of information that the leader of the free world has. It is far more likely that Trump had a perfectly valid reason to bomb the airbase than his deciding to do so just for shits and giggles. Come on! The guy would, I’m assuming, prefer to have a peaceful 4 or 8 years of hanging out in the White House with his family and golfing and dining out with the roughly three celebrities who haven’t bitched about him on Twitter since the election.

Pictured: one of the three

Why wouldn’t he prefer that? Even if he did next-to-nothing for 4 years, no one could take the fact that he became President away from him. He will always be the 45th President of the United States. If he only wanted the job because it was another feather in his cap, why would he make his own life more difficult?

What’s the other thing mentioned in the petition? Oh, right, the wiretapping claims. Okay, maybe he doesn’t have proof? Maybe he does? I don’t know. But let’s just be perfectly honest here: Obama wanted Clinton to win, and I wouldn’t put it past Obama to spy on Trump. I rather assume the government is spying on anyone remotely interesting, rich, or powerful (so not me).

And here’s the thing: Trump now knows exactly what the government is, and has been up to, for the past few decades, so if he claims he was being spied upon, there’s probably a pretty good reason for that. And he’s pretty much warning us all: hey, the government spies on you (duh)!


Anyway, the petition is stupid, and everyone who signed needs to get over themselves.

So the French election is coming up shortly, and while I typically find news about European politics rather uninteresting, this Marine Le Pen person fascinates me. She apparently said this:

“In France we respect women, we don’t beat them, we don’t ask them to hide themselves behind a veil as if they were impure. We drink wine when we want, we can criticize religion and speak freely.”


She was clearly being critical of Islam, which is a bold move. They’re very “PC” over there in France.

Their culture — the French “way of life” — is being destroyed by the Muslims. It gladdens me to know that there are so many people on the “world stage” willing to publicly admit Islam is a problem and outright state that the religion’s values don’t exactly mesh with those of the western world.

So, we’re living in interesting times. There are so many articles out there about what might happen if Le Pen is elected (e.g., what it might do to the Euro).

People seem genuinely concerned about what will happen to France and the EU if Le Pen is elected. While I personally hope she wins, and I think her winning would be great for the country, I have been wrong before.

At the end of the day, though, no matter what happens… French politics are interesting again (at least for another couple of days). When was the last time anyone could say that?




Syria and Celebs

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole “bombing Syria” thing. I really don’t want the United States intervening in the affairs of the world until we have our house in order. That John McCain praised Trump’s decision has me worried. Based on the comments posted on Breitbart, many Trump supporters are not pleased with POTUS.

However, Assad is terrible, and the use of the chemical weapons is clearly evil. The whole situation in Syria is, to put it mildly, messed up!

Evil and ugly. What’s with those ears?

While I have my concerns, I’m not about to start “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” Trump on this one. He obviously has information that this blogger does not.

Also, I didn’t know Assad’s father was President of Syria back in the day. Oligarchy much? Guys, oligarchies are BAD. Let’s vow to never elect another Bush or Clinton to office again. Come on, spread the power, wealth, and fame that comes with being a U.S. political figure around! Crap, I just sounded like a Marxist.

Anyway, according to Breitbart, world leaders are praising the U.S. strikes, which is a good thing. If nothing else, the strikes show that Trump is a man with cojones; he’s not a President to be messed with. The strikes were considered proportionate and justified! So actually, I take back what I wrote earlier. I know how I feel: well done, President Trump!

Naturally, Russia is being a jerk about it. “Blah blah blah United Nations blah blah blah!” Putin, don’t you have a horse to ride while shirtless?

Break out the brain bleach!

Enough about the depressing Syria situation! Let’s discuss a different depressing world event. There was a terror attack in the Swedish capital Stockholm. That’s depressing. At least 3 people are dead. That’s also depressing. It has been called a terrorist attack by the Prime Minister. I’m not going to accuse any “group” or “ideology” of being responsible. However, I will say this: I’d bet my life that the attackers weren’t Mormons or Baptists.

In lighter news…

Joss Whedon, who created shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly” has completely lost his mind. He’s now (claiming to be) worried that the Trump Administration will start killing gay people. We get it, dude, you hate Trump. But as I’ve pointed out before, Trump is pretty gay-friendly; he might be the most gay-friendly President ever elected. Whedon has been critical of Trump for months now, so I’m not surprised he’s criticizing Trump, but suggesting the idea that Trump might massacre gay people is ridiculous.

She is why Joss is famous. Congrats, Joss, you recognized that people would watch a show about a pretty girl fighting monsters — well done. That doesn’t make you a Rhodes Scholar!

Anyway, he’s an idiot. Writing a decent (but not great!) story does not make you qualified to do anything other than write more decent stories. Keep your yap shut.

However, not all celebrities are morons who can’t keep their mouth shut.

Stephano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana is now officially my favorite designer. As a straight male person who shops at Kohl’s and Walmart (and gets all of his clothes from them), it is weird that I have a favorite designer, but I now do. Why? Well, he designed Melania Trump’s blazer in her official portrait (or maybe she was wearing one of their “house” blazers… whatever!). Naturally, the left attacked after he posted the image to a social media account!

So what did the Italian designer do when confronted? He told them to “fuck off” and “go to Hell”.

I have absolutely no style and no knowledge of the fashion industry, but come on! What designer wouldn’t want to dress this woman?

Bold move, Mr. Gabbana. You should be allowed to do whatever you deem appropriate in regard to your business. Well done, sir!

Back to celebrities that irritate me: I think I read that Rosie O’Donnell is having another meltdown over Trump. I’d google what it was to remind myself, but I can’t be bothered. Seriously, who cares about that has-been? Is she still on “The View”? Is it even still on?

It Has Always Been About the Jobs

Even here in New Castle County, I know a lot of people who voted for Donald J. Trump – people you wouldn’t expect, frankly. Why? It certainly had nothing to do with his celebrity status or views on abortion (well, I know a couple people who voted for him because he was the “pro-life” candidate); bottom line – it was all about the jobs!

A few of the people I know who voted for him are business owners, so therefore job creators, who have found it hard to create jobs because of our tax policies. They figured Trump, being a businessman himself, would be better for the economy, and therefore better for their businesses. And (unsurprisingly, as they’re smart enough to own their own successful businesses) they were right!

According to CNBC.com, “private payrolls saw another big boost” based on a report released today (4/5/2017). Companies added 263,000 jobs last month, a figure that is much higher than was expected.

Let’s be honest here: it is likely because Trump is President that businesses are creating jobs. They wouldn’t be so confident if a certain Clinton were occupying the White House.

My question: are there any jobs being created in Delaware that don’t involve a daily commute to the Christiana Mall? Maybe I’m wrong, but it really seems like our state’s economy is in the toilet. I mean, nothing against the people who work at the mall — but how can you support yourself on 11 bucks an hour? WHERE ARE PEOPLE GETTING THE MONEY FOR ALL OF THE McMANSIONS POPPING UP ALL OVER THE PLACE? Inquiring minds want to know…

93 percent of homes in Delaware look EXACTLY LIKE THIS

However, while things may not be going great for our little state, there’s more good news regarding the U.S. economy: according to Breitbart, the trade deficit has fallen by 10%. So in a nutshell, the economy is growing!

And yet President Trump’s approval rating is at 34%. Why? Well, I have several theories. The failure to get ObamaCare repealed and replaced has disappointed a lot of people who don’t enjoy paying 400 dollars a month for a health plan crappier than the one we had 8 years ago and cost only $100 a month.

I’m also not sure that approval rating is accurate. Remember: few thought Trump had a chance in Hell of winning the election until he did.

He won!

If the approval rating is accurate, and that is a big if, there’s just one thing to blame (or in this case, one religion): Islam.

A good number of my friends are atheist. Fortunately, none of them are that type of atheist that complain about manger scenes at Christmas or go on long rants about how the word “God” shouldn’t be on our money. These atheist friends, who think all religion is stupid, hate Trump because he’s being “really cruel towards the Muslims”.

This scene offends 69 percent of atheists.

Okay, first of all, that’s not what Trump is doing. He simply recognizes that while not all Muslims are terrorists, almost all terrorists are Muslim, and a lot of terrorists come from certain countries. That’s not “racism” (as idiots will claim) – that’s acknowledging facts.

But let’s say Trump was being “mean” (no joke: one of my friends used the word “mean” to describe Trump’s attitude towards Islam) to Muslims. Why should my atheist, religion-hating, pro-gay rights, pro-women’s rights friends care? That religion preaches the exact opposite of everything they believe in, and they do it with a lot more vitriol than any Christian church (with the exception of Westboro Baptist, obviously).

Look, I’m all for people believing in whatever stupid crap they want. I mean, if a dude were to walk up to me and tell me he believed in The Flying Spaghetti Monster, I’d be totally fine with that. I’d have to try really hard to NOT roll my eyes, but I wouldn’t feel compelled to stone him for having a ridiculous, heretical belief. For his sake, I’d hope Jesus isn’t too firm on the whole “accept me as your Lord and Savior or burn in Hell” rule; however, I wouldn’t get all judge-y.

Say what you will about religion in general, but the art it inspires is quite nice!

But as the website http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ points out, Islam is different. As they put it, Islam poses an ideological threat to human dignity and freedom. And I agree with that. Anyone that takes that religion seriously scares me a little. Please note that people who are just “culturally Muslim” (i.e., they grew up in a Muslim household but don’t really take the religion all that seriously) are fine in my book; however, as the religion encourages lying to “infidels” if doing so is in Islam’s best interest… 

I’d rather just hang out with the Pastafarian dude…

Not Everyone Enjoys Spending Time With Children

I’ve always been of the belief that children should be seen, not heard, and rarely seen. I can enjoy a child’s presence for an hour or two once or twice a week (at most!!), but I haven’t wanted my own child since I myself was a child; back then, I didn’t realize just how obnoxious small children can be (and usually are!).

According to Glenn Beck’s website “The Blaze”, there is a restaurant in North Carolina that doesn’t allow small children (under the age of 5). To the surprise of literally no one, that business is under attack.

Can anyone explain to me how that’s a problem?

Few things drive me nuttier than trying to go out for a nice evening at a local Delaware establishment and having to deal with whiny, loud children running about. There are places out there where children don’t belong, and patrons shouldn’t expect to see them.

The restaurant in question defines itself as “traditional, classy, intimate”. Well, I guess children are the “traditional” thing for “traditional” people to do. But they are rarely classy, and they’re merely the result of intimacy — they don’t contribute to an intimate environment.

According to the owner, customers would complain and leave because children were bothering them and the parents were doing nothing. And are we surprised that parents are doing nothing? You can’t even point out a child’s poor behavior to most parents out there without their flipping out because you dared to criticize their special little snowflake of a baby.

Businesses should be allowed to (without being criticized) refuse serve to anyone — and I do mean anyone — they see fit. That includes small children. It is their business. They built it. If you don’t like their policy/policies, complain with your feet and go elsewhere.

On a related note, why is it illegal to smoke in restaurants/bars these days? If you don’t like second-hand smoke, don’t go to a restaurant or bar that allows smoking. If the policy is working for the business, suck it up or go elsewhere. Why is the government telling business owners what they can and can’t allow in their business?

Last time I checked, smoking is still legal in the state of Delaware, so why make it illegal in restaurants? People who get bothered by second-hand smoke can choose not to dine there.

We all know smoking kills. Many people really don’t care if their lifespans are cut short by 10 or 20 years. In general, the last 20 aren’t the best! I’ve read that people who smoke and drink heavily actually save the country money because they die long before they end up in state-run nursing homes living off our taxes. I don’t know how true that is, but it makes a weird sort of sense.

Plus! It looks cool!

Also, we live in Delaware — it isn’t like the air quality is so good here anyway.

Another Month Is About to End, but the World Has Not

For personal reasons, I haven’t written lately; I’ll never abandon the blog, certainly (well, at least not before 2021), but real life comes first. Clearly, this blog is not a source of income.

Also, while the blog is followed, I don’t think I’m depriving anyone of much of anything by not posting my random musings.

I read Breitbart, The Blaze, and several other news sites (both “left-leaning” and “right-leaning”) daily. To be honest, there’s not all that much I want to comment on.

I do think it is a shame that ObamaCare hasn’t been repealed — not that I have anything against people who are down on their luck, but I have yet to talk to one person (and I know as many rich people as I do poor people) who can honestly claim the cost of purchasing health insurance went down as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

And as I’ve pointed out in a previous post (I think?), we already had forms of socialized medicine prior to ObamaCare: they’re called Medicare and Medicaid. The poor actually get better medical care than most people who get insurance through their jobs. The co-pays for Medicaid are a lot lower, as is the cost of most drugs.

For what it is worth, I’m really quite glad he never became our Vice-President!

In regard to Paul Ryan, a couple of things:

  1. I do think it was funny that Judge Jeanine Pirro called for Ryan to step down for the failure to pass health care reform. Really, shouldn’t Ryan go back to doing… whatever it is he did before he ran for office? Hasn’t he been a U.S. Representative since 1999? Almost two decades?! TERM LIMITS PEOPLE. TERM. LIMITS.
  2. Apparently Trump is more popular than Ryan in Wisconsin’s first congressional district, which I find hilarious.


I just vomited in my mouth.

So according to Breitbart, Michael Moore seems to think that March 28, 2017 was the beginning of the end for humanity because Trump signed an executive order Tuesday rolling back several key Obama-era regulations concerning energy production.

What a tool. Does he heat his home? Use A/C? Does he drive a car? If he does, he’s probably a hypocrite. And frankly, he’s bad for the environment and the poor – he’s large enough of a person that he probably affects the tides, and his average lunch could probably feed a small African village for a week. I’m not a big fan of fat shaming in general, but I’ll make an exception for Mr. Moore.

Speaking of people in the public eye, I have to give props to one Patricia Heaton (star of “The Middle”, which is really quite good). Regardless of what you think about abortion, she’s definitely a brave person for tweeting her pro-life views earlier this month. As Tim Allen pointed out, you have to be very careful as a conservative in Hollywood, and being one can be detrimental to your career.

No surprise there, though; the “left” is tolerant of everyone, as long as those people share their beliefs.

Maybe Allen shouldn’t have compared being a conservative to 1930’s Germany, but people really shouldn’t be comparing Trump to Hitler either.

Sarah Palin’s Brilliant Comment

I have a lot of thoughts on socialized medicine. I’ve had medical problems in my life, and they could have (fortunately, they didn’t) cripple me with debt for the rest of my life. They easily could have, however, so I understand why people think that the healthcare system in this country is broken and we should embrace what European countries offer their residents.

And for what it is worth, I’m also no fan of John McCain. Did anyone actually think he would win the Presidency in 2008? That Sarah signed on as his running mate makes me wonder about her intelligence.

However, a broken clock is right twice a day. Even the dumbest person people you know will, once in awhile, offer up an insightful comment, and Sarah is not the dumbest person on the planet. Far from it.

As Breitbart reported, Palin said this:

“It would be really helpful if every single one of these politicians would do like the NASCAR drivers do—and it’s been said before—but let them wear their sponsors plastered all over their three-piece suits when they show up so we know what side they’re on and who they’re actually doing their bidding for.”

She couldn’t be more right. Is there anyone out there dumb enough to think politicians have our best interests at heart?


Would Anyone Really Be Surprised?

Seriously, would anyone be surprised if Obama really was wiretapping Trump Tower?

I understand that most Delawareans voted for Obama, and for his third-term (which is what a Clinton Presidency would have been), so even when the proof comes out that Obama did it (I haven’t watched the news in about an hour, so it might have been proven already!)

Now, Mark Levin seems to think that the wiretapping has already been proven. And according to Judge Andrew Napolitano, the wiretapping (if it occurred) would have been legal.

So if the wiretapping is indeed legal, as the Judge said on Fox and Friends (assuming it occurred in the first place), what’s the big deal?

Say whatever you will about Fox and Friends, and Fox News in general, but they do hire hotties.

It should be obvious what the problem is. Even Obama/Clinton supporters should have a problem with a sitting president spying on a “political rival”. When that becomes legal and okay, tyrannies are born. It is bad enough there will likely never again be a President who isn’t a Republican or Democrat; the thought of one party controlling the nation forever? We might as well just appoint a monarch and enjoy the Coronation Day activities. I’m sure His or Her Royal Majesty will throw a great feast for all of us peasants!

You know what’s funny? If it comes out that Obama was spying on Trump, the left won’t care. They’ll just be sorry that he didn’t spy harder, thereby ensuring a Clinton presidency. The mainstream media will downplay it, and somehow it’ll be Trump’s fault that he was spied on. I can see it now: “That he was spied on is proof that he’s not fit to be leader of the free world!”

Let’s just be honest here: NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc. will never give President Trump credit or a fair shake. At least FOX News viewers admit that FOX is biased towards the right; the average MSNBC viewer doesn’t even know they’re watching biased “journalism”.

The people that work here are not real journalists.

I just want to be clear here: if Trump spies on his political rivals in 2020, I will be furious with him. Legal or not, it is not acceptable behavior. I don’t have a lot of faith in politicians or our two-party system, so I’m not surprised at all that there’s (probably) been wiretapping (I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush wiretapped Obama’s campaign HQ); shame on anyone who engaged in it, and shame on anyone who thinks it is okay.




Trump: A Month in Review

I’ve found myself uninterested in posting, despite the fact I know at least two people read this blog (to those two people – I promise to do better!) Why have I found myself uninterested? Well, mostly because our new president is basically just doing what he said he would do. That is really the only surprising part of Trump’s presidency. He is doing, or attempting to do, what he said he would! He’s really not a politician.

And I find his not being a politician to be a breath of fresh air. I was the first person in my “circle of friends/family” to predict he’d get the Republican nomination; I also believed, and still do, that he is the only person who could have beaten Hillary Clinton.

It’s just that, his doing what he said he would do leaves me with little to write about.

Well, except for the lunatics who are still, a month in, protesting the Trump Presidency. You can’t just sign petitions and get the president impeached. That’s not how it works.

Trump Week 2: A Week in Review

Well, in what comes as no surprise to anyone on the right (or with half a brain), the second week of Trump’s presidency went well; the world isn’t over, nobody has used nuclear weapons, he has not (yet?) revealed himself to be the anti-Christ, etc.

Last Wednesday, Trump was even in Delaware! He made an unannounced trip to Dover Air Force Base to honor the returning remains of a U.S. Navy SEAL killed in Yemen.

In case anyone who reads this wants to blame Trump for the Navy SEAL’s death, as the CNN article points out, it “had been in the planning stages for months under President Barack Obama.” So if anyone is to blame for the death of Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, it is President #44.

Actually, in fairness to Obama, that’s not at all true — you know who is to blame? al Qaeda.

According to several news outlets, the raid Yemen last week in which Owens was killed had a specific objective — the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Unfortunately, that waste of flesh (Qassim al-Rimi) is still alive and taunting our President.

He’s a poopie face.

Mr. al-Rimi, it is my sincere hope that your Allah-worshiping ass gets blown to bits soon. And if there are virgins waiting for you up there in Heaven (where, let’s be honest, you won’t be going), I hope they look like Lena Dunham. Speaking of, have you heard that she’s crediting Donald Trump for her weight loss? Apparently she’s so depressed or whatever that she can’t eat food. Trump is making America Great in ways no one could have predicted — the less Lena Dunham, the better. Ideally, I’d like her to just fade into obscurity and never appear on television again, but I suppose I’ll settle for there just being “less” of her.

In other Delaware news, there was the prison riot in Smyrna last week. As everyone knows, one correction officer is dead (RIP Lt. Steven R. Floyd), and there was a memorial held on Sunday.

Naturally, the thugs who murdered Lt. Floyd are blaming — you guessed it — Donald Trump!

So here’s what I’ve learned this week: an al Qaeda leader and a bunch of homicidal felon thugs hate our President. Well, if that’s the case, Trump must be a pretty decent guy!

Incarcerated people, terrorists, and Lena Dunham hate him. His heart must be breaking.

And how great was the Super Bowl? I admit that if it weren’t for Tom Brady, I’d have been rooting for the Falcons, but Brady has been treated like crap by the press for his friendship with Donald Trump. Apparently we live in a world where a professional football player can’t be friends with the leader of the free world. Such tolerance from the left!

I’m glad Brady is going out on top, with a win — and who knows, maybe he’ll find himself working for his buddy pretty soon!





Hollywood Needs to Shut Up. Also, Philly has a Gayborhood?

So apparently Philly has a gayborhood. This part of the post doesn’t really apply to Trump, but it is sort of local. Well, this part of the post does sort of apply to Trump, because as I pointed out in an earlier post, Trump is a very gay-friendly President, so there’s no reason the LGBT should hate him.

Anyway, I find this story interesting because the government (in this case, the Mayor) is forcing bar owners and nonprofits in the Gayborhood to attend training sessions on fair business practices and implicit bias. Racial bias. Long story short, many of the mostly white residents of the gayborhood are racist dicks.

Shocking, isn’t it? Just because you’re not a straight white male, you can still be a terrible person! Gays can be racist? Who’d have thought? The way the mainstream media spins things, you’d think only straight white dudes can be racist, xenophobic, etc. But I guess that’s not the case! Minorities can be terrible too!

Be warned, African-Americans! One of these “tolerant”people may in fact think you’re a second-class citizen!

Anyway, I do think the mayor forcing businesses and such to take classes and post educational materials is ridiculous, and like the article I linked to, I’m not sure it is legal, but I don’t really care that much. It is really just another example of the government getting way too involved in the lives and businesses of citizens. After all, it isn’t just the Federal Government that doesn’t know how to mind its own business!

Speaking of people who can’t mind their own business, I really wish almost everyone in Hollywood would STFU. I’m not saying that acting isn’t difficult; it certainly involves (in most cases — there are obvious exceptions) talent and skill. But let’s be honest here: most people who make it in Hollywood make it because they’re exceptionally pretty, not because of their brains. So why are we expected to care about what they think?

At the SAG Awards on Sunday night, celebrity after celebrity  protested Trump’s “immigration” ban. First things first, what are they thinking? Do they not realize that millions of Americans who watch their shows and movies support the ban? Alienating half of the United States doesn’t seem like a wise business decision. Libertarians and Conservatives watch TV too!

Anyway, Ashton Kutcher opened the show and spewed some pro-immigration crap. I never cared for him, but I am disappointed with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and that guy from “The Big Bang Theory”. I loved Seinfeld, and I still love the “Big Bang”, but I have a little less respect for the actors. Why can’t they just keep their big mouths shut?

William H. Macy also couldn’t keep his mouth shut. In case you haven’t heard, he’s currently on this show called “Shameless”.

Emmy Rossum – the best part of “Shameless”

I don’t actually want anyone to stop expressing their views — that wouldn’t be American. However, if celebrities want to exercise their right to free speech, a lot of people are going to exercise their right to find better things to do than watch the shows and films in which they star. And frankly, I find their anti-wall, pro-immigrant ramblings sort of hypocritical considering most of them probably live in gated communities and have walls around their mansions. How many refugees is Ashton Kutcher willing to take into his home? I’m guessing the answer rhymes with “hero”.

Poor Ashton. His blood is apparently “boiling”.

But enough about Hollywood for now. You know who really does need to keep her mouth shut? British journalist India Knight, that’s who. Why should she shut up, you wonder? Well, because in addition to calling him nasty names on Twitter, she called for the assassination of Donald Trump. “The assassination is taking such a long time”

Speaking of horrible things going on across the point, here’s a story about how some Muslims attacked (and could have killed) a college lecturer at Stratford University for being “white”.

He was a man, too; as we all know, the only acceptable target in the western world is a straight white man.