So as we continue on towards the end of the President Trump’s first 100 days, people are still trying to get him removed from office.

I don’t post here a lot, but I do read a lot of news stories. More importantly, I read a lot of internet comments. For whatever reason, people on the left seem to think that Trump being removed from office would result in a Hillary Clinton presidency. NEWS FLASH: that’s not how it works. Mike Pence would be President. And considering he’s more “conservative” than Trump, the left clearly hasn’t thought their little plan through.

She’s sad, because she knows she’ll never be President.

You’d think people would be more concerned about things like, say, terrorism. France is a dangerous place these days, after all, and the country is part of the “western world”.


But no, instead, people are creating online petitions to get the President booted from the White House.

The gist of the petition is that Trump is mentally unfit to be President, so he needs to be removed (and again, that would make Mike Pence President).

Why is he allegedly mentally ill and unable to discharge his duties? Incidents like the “pussy grabbing” comment from over a decade ago, the “impulsive bombing” of the Syrian airbase, and “unfounded” claims that he was wiretapped at Trump Tower while running for President.

Let’s examine these “incidents”, shall we? First, take a look at the picture (or, well, pictures) used on one article about the petition.

Apparently you have to be photogenic to be President!

Okay, so those are not great pictures of our President. Who hasn’t had a bad photograph taken of them at one point through their lives? People snap pictures of the guy everywhere he goes, and have pretty much done so for the past 3 decades. There are bad pics of him out there? Shocking.

The “pussy grabbing” comment from over a decade ago? WHO THE HECK CARES? Being a straight male, Donald Trump likes attractive women. I’d bet that at least 50 percent of straight dudes out there have made worse comments. I’d bet 50 percent of women have, too. We’re sexual beings.

I’ve said worse things about her in the PAST WEEK.
Her too.

As for the bombing of the airbase, all of these “mental health experts” are not (as far as I know) privy to the sort of information that the leader of the free world has. It is far more likely that Trump had a perfectly valid reason to bomb the airbase than his deciding to do so just for shits and giggles. Come on! The guy would, I’m assuming, prefer to have a peaceful 4 or 8 years of hanging out in the White House with his family and golfing and dining out with the roughly three celebrities who haven’t bitched about him on Twitter since the election.

Pictured: one of the three

Why wouldn’t he prefer that? Even if he did next-to-nothing for 4 years, no one could take the fact that he became President away from him. He will always be the 45th President of the United States. If he only wanted the job because it was another feather in his cap, why would he make his own life more difficult?

What’s the other thing mentioned in the petition? Oh, right, the wiretapping claims. Okay, maybe he doesn’t have proof? Maybe he does? I don’t know. But let’s just be perfectly honest here: Obama wanted Clinton to win, and I wouldn’t put it past Obama to spy on Trump. I rather assume the government is spying on anyone remotely interesting, rich, or powerful (so not me).

And here’s the thing: Trump now knows exactly what the government is, and has been up to, for the past few decades, so if he claims he was being spied upon, there’s probably a pretty good reason for that. And he’s pretty much warning us all: hey, the government spies on you (duh)!


Anyway, the petition is stupid, and everyone who signed needs to get over themselves.

So the French election is coming up shortly, and while I typically find news about European politics rather uninteresting, this Marine Le Pen person fascinates me. She apparently said this:

“In France we respect women, we don’t beat them, we don’t ask them to hide themselves behind a veil as if they were impure. We drink wine when we want, we can criticize religion and speak freely.”


She was clearly being critical of Islam, which is a bold move. They’re very “PC” over there in France.

Their culture — the French “way of life” — is being destroyed by the Muslims. It gladdens me to know that there are so many people on the “world stage” willing to publicly admit Islam is a problem and outright state that the religion’s values don’t exactly mesh with those of the western world.

So, we’re living in interesting times. There are so many articles out there about what might happen if Le Pen is elected (e.g., what it might do to the Euro).

People seem genuinely concerned about what will happen to France and the EU if Le Pen is elected. While I personally hope she wins, and I think her winning would be great for the country, I have been wrong before.

At the end of the day, though, no matter what happens… French politics are interesting again (at least for another couple of days). When was the last time anyone could say that?




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