Even here in New Castle County, I know a lot of people who voted for Donald J. Trump – people you wouldn’t expect, frankly. Why? It certainly had nothing to do with his celebrity status or views on abortion (well, I know a couple people who voted for him because he was the “pro-life” candidate); bottom line – it was all about the jobs!

A few of the people I know who voted for him are business owners, so therefore job creators, who have found it hard to create jobs because of our tax policies. They figured Trump, being a businessman himself, would be better for the economy, and therefore better for their businesses. And (unsurprisingly, as they’re smart enough to own their own successful businesses) they were right!

According to CNBC.com, “private payrolls saw another big boost” based on a report released today (4/5/2017). Companies added 263,000 jobs last month, a figure that is much higher than was expected.

Let’s be honest here: it is likely because Trump is President that businesses are creating jobs. They wouldn’t be so confident if a certain Clinton were occupying the White House.

My question: are there any jobs being created in Delaware that don’t involve a daily commute to the Christiana Mall? Maybe I’m wrong, but it really seems like our state’s economy is in the toilet. I mean, nothing against the people who work at the mall — but how can you support yourself on 11 bucks an hour? WHERE ARE PEOPLE GETTING THE MONEY FOR ALL OF THE McMANSIONS POPPING UP ALL OVER THE PLACE? Inquiring minds want to know…

93 percent of homes in Delaware look EXACTLY LIKE THIS

However, while things may not be going great for our little state, there’s more good news regarding the U.S. economy: according to Breitbart, the trade deficit has fallen by 10%. So in a nutshell, the economy is growing!

And yet President Trump’s approval rating is at 34%. Why? Well, I have several theories. The failure to get ObamaCare repealed and replaced has disappointed a lot of people who don’t enjoy paying 400 dollars a month for a health plan crappier than the one we had 8 years ago and cost only $100 a month.

I’m also not sure that approval rating is accurate. Remember: few thought Trump had a chance in Hell of winning the election until he did.

He won!

If the approval rating is accurate, and that is a big if, there’s just one thing to blame (or in this case, one religion): Islam.

A good number of my friends are atheist. Fortunately, none of them are that type of atheist that complain about manger scenes at Christmas or go on long rants about how the word “God” shouldn’t be on our money. These atheist friends, who think all religion is stupid, hate Trump because he’s being “really cruel towards the Muslims”.

This scene offends 69 percent of atheists.

Okay, first of all, that’s not what Trump is doing. He simply recognizes that while not all Muslims are terrorists, almost all terrorists are Muslim, and a lot of terrorists come from certain countries. That’s not “racism” (as idiots will claim) – that’s acknowledging facts.

But let’s say Trump was being “mean” (no joke: one of my friends used the word “mean” to describe Trump’s attitude towards Islam) to Muslims. Why should my atheist, religion-hating, pro-gay rights, pro-women’s rights friends care? That religion preaches the exact opposite of everything they believe in, and they do it with a lot more vitriol than any Christian church (with the exception of Westboro Baptist, obviously).

Look, I’m all for people believing in whatever stupid crap they want. I mean, if a dude were to walk up to me and tell me he believed in The Flying Spaghetti Monster, I’d be totally fine with that. I’d have to try really hard to NOT roll my eyes, but I wouldn’t feel compelled to stone him for having a ridiculous, heretical belief. For his sake, I’d hope Jesus isn’t too firm on the whole “accept me as your Lord and Savior or burn in Hell” rule; however, I wouldn’t get all judge-y.

Say what you will about religion in general, but the art it inspires is quite nice!

But as the website http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ points out, Islam is different. As they put it, Islam poses an ideological threat to human dignity and freedom. And I agree with that. Anyone that takes that religion seriously scares me a little. Please note that people who are just “culturally Muslim” (i.e., they grew up in a Muslim household but don’t really take the religion all that seriously) are fine in my book; however, as the religion encourages lying to “infidels” if doing so is in Islam’s best interest… 

I’d rather just hang out with the Pastafarian dude…


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