I’ve always been of the belief that children should be seen, not heard, and rarely seen. I can enjoy a child’s presence for an hour or two once or twice a week (at most!!), but I haven’t wanted my own child since I myself was a child; back then, I didn’t realize just how obnoxious small children can be (and usually are!).

According to Glenn Beck’s website “The Blaze”, there is a restaurant in North Carolina that doesn’t allow small children (under the age of 5). To the surprise of literally no one, that business is under attack.

Can anyone explain to me how that’s a problem?

Few things drive me nuttier than trying to go out for a nice evening at a local Delaware establishment and having to deal with whiny, loud children running about. There are places out there where children don’t belong, and patrons shouldn’t expect to see them.

The restaurant in question defines itself as “traditional, classy, intimate”. Well, I guess children are the “traditional” thing for “traditional” people to do. But they are rarely classy, and they’re merely the result of intimacy — they don’t contribute to an intimate environment.

According to the owner, customers would complain and leave because children were bothering them and the parents were doing nothing. And are we surprised that parents are doing nothing? You can’t even point out a child’s poor behavior to most parents out there without their flipping out because you dared to criticize their special little snowflake of a baby.

Businesses should be allowed to (without being criticized) refuse serve to anyone — and I do mean anyone — they see fit. That includes small children. It is their business. They built it. If you don’t like their policy/policies, complain with your feet and go elsewhere.

On a related note, why is it illegal to smoke in restaurants/bars these days? If you don’t like second-hand smoke, don’t go to a restaurant or bar that allows smoking. If the policy is working for the business, suck it up or go elsewhere. Why is the government telling business owners what they can and can’t allow in their business?

Last time I checked, smoking is still legal in the state of Delaware, so why make it illegal in restaurants? People who get bothered by second-hand smoke can choose not to dine there.

We all know smoking kills. Many people really don’t care if their lifespans are cut short by 10 or 20 years. In general, the last 20 aren’t the best! I’ve read that people who smoke and drink heavily actually save the country money because they die long before they end up in state-run nursing homes living off our taxes. I don’t know how true that is, but it makes a weird sort of sense.

Plus! It looks cool!

Also, we live in Delaware — it isn’t like the air quality is so good here anyway.


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