Seriously, would anyone be surprised if Obama really was wiretapping Trump Tower?

I understand that most Delawareans voted for Obama, and for his third-term (which is what a Clinton Presidency would have been), so even when the proof comes out that Obama did it (I haven’t watched the news in about an hour, so it might have been proven already!)

Now, Mark Levin seems to think that the wiretapping has already been proven. And according to Judge Andrew Napolitano, the wiretapping (if it occurred) would have been legal.

So if the wiretapping is indeed legal, as the Judge said on Fox and Friends (assuming it occurred in the first place), what’s the big deal?

Say whatever you will about Fox and Friends, and Fox News in general, but they do hire hotties.

It should be obvious what the problem is. Even Obama/Clinton supporters should have a problem with a sitting president spying on a “political rival”. When that becomes legal and okay, tyrannies are born. It is bad enough there will likely never again be a President who isn’t a Republican or Democrat; the thought of one party controlling the nation forever? We might as well just appoint a monarch and enjoy the Coronation Day activities. I’m sure His or Her Royal Majesty will throw a great feast for all of us peasants!

You know what’s funny? If it comes out that Obama was spying on Trump, the left won’t care. They’ll just be sorry that he didn’t spy harder, thereby ensuring a Clinton presidency. The mainstream media will downplay it, and somehow it’ll be Trump’s fault that he was spied on. I can see it now: “That he was spied on is proof that he’s not fit to be leader of the free world!”

Let’s just be honest here: NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc. will never give President Trump credit or a fair shake. At least FOX News viewers admit that FOX is biased towards the right; the average MSNBC viewer doesn’t even know they’re watching biased “journalism”.

The people that work here are not real journalists.

I just want to be clear here: if Trump spies on his political rivals in 2020, I will be furious with him. Legal or not, it is not acceptable behavior. I don’t have a lot of faith in politicians or our two-party system, so I’m not surprised at all that there’s (probably) been wiretapping (I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush wiretapped Obama’s campaign HQ); shame on anyone who engaged in it, and shame on anyone who thinks it is okay.





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