I’ve found myself uninterested in posting, despite the fact I know at least two people read this blog (to those two people – I promise to do better!) Why have I found myself uninterested? Well, mostly because our new president is basically just doing what he said he would do. That is really the only surprising part of Trump’s presidency. He is doing, or attempting to do, what he said he would! He’s really not a politician.

And I find his not being a politician to be a breath of fresh air. I was the first person in my “circle of friends/family” to predict he’d get the Republican nomination; I also believed, and still do, that he is the only person who could have beaten Hillary Clinton.

It’s just that, his doing what he said he would do leaves me with little to write about.

Well, except for the lunatics who are still, a month in, protesting the Trump Presidency. You can’t just sign petitions and get the president impeached. That’s not how it works.


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