So apparently Philly has a gayborhood. This part of the post doesn’t really apply to Trump, but it is sort of local. Well, this part of the post does sort of apply to Trump, because as I pointed out in an earlier post, Trump is a very gay-friendly President, so there’s no reason the LGBT should hate him.

Anyway, I find this story interesting because the government (in this case, the Mayor) is forcing bar owners and nonprofits in the Gayborhood to attend training sessions on fair business practices and implicit bias. Racial bias. Long story short, many of the mostly white residents of the gayborhood are racist dicks.

Shocking, isn’t it? Just because you’re not a straight white male, you can still be a terrible person! Gays can be racist? Who’d have thought? The way the mainstream media spins things, you’d think only straight white dudes can be racist, xenophobic, etc. But I guess that’s not the case! Minorities can be terrible too!

Be warned, African-Americans! One of these “tolerant”people may in fact think you’re a second-class citizen!

Anyway, I do think the mayor forcing businesses and such to take classes and post educational materials is ridiculous, and like the article I linked to, I’m not sure it is legal, but I don’t really care that much. It is really just another example of the government getting way too involved in the lives and businesses of citizens. After all, it isn’t just the Federal Government that doesn’t know how to mind its own business!

Speaking of people who can’t mind their own business, I really wish almost everyone in Hollywood would STFU. I’m not saying that acting isn’t difficult; it certainly involves (in most cases — there are obvious exceptions) talent and skill. But let’s be honest here: most people who make it in Hollywood make it because they’re exceptionally pretty, not because of their brains. So why are we expected to care about what they think?

At the SAG Awards on Sunday night, celebrity after celebrity  protested Trump’s “immigration” ban. First things first, what are they thinking? Do they not realize that millions of Americans who watch their shows and movies support the ban? Alienating half of the United States doesn’t seem like a wise business decision. Libertarians and Conservatives watch TV too!

Anyway, Ashton Kutcher opened the show and spewed some pro-immigration crap. I never cared for him, but I am disappointed with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and that guy from “The Big Bang Theory”. I loved Seinfeld, and I still love the “Big Bang”, but I have a little less respect for the actors. Why can’t they just keep their big mouths shut?

William H. Macy also couldn’t keep his mouth shut. In case you haven’t heard, he’s currently on this show called “Shameless”.

Emmy Rossum – the best part of “Shameless”

I don’t actually want anyone to stop expressing their views — that wouldn’t be American. However, if celebrities want to exercise their right to free speech, a lot of people are going to exercise their right to find better things to do than watch the shows and films in which they star. And frankly, I find their anti-wall, pro-immigrant ramblings sort of hypocritical considering most of them probably live in gated communities and have walls around their mansions. How many refugees is Ashton Kutcher willing to take into his home? I’m guessing the answer rhymes with “hero”.

Poor Ashton. His blood is apparently “boiling”.

But enough about Hollywood for now. You know who really does need to keep her mouth shut? British journalist India Knight, that’s who. Why should she shut up, you wonder? Well, because in addition to calling him nasty names on Twitter, she called for the assassination of Donald Trump. “The assassination is taking such a long time”

Speaking of horrible things going on across the point, here’s a story about how some Muslims attacked (and could have killed) a college lecturer at Stratford University for being “white”.

He was a man, too; as we all know, the only acceptable target in the western world is a straight white man.




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